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elbio Staff

elbio is a Latin American wholesale patisserie specialising in unique handmade gourmet cakes, pastries and specialty savouries. elbio embraces a Latino flavour influenced by Italian, French and Spanish cuisine, mixed in with some Aussie classics.

Established in South Australia in 2002, elbio has become renowned for the effort and skill behind its individual quality cakes including the crowd favourite, and now signature cake, Massini Chantilly, along with the Citrus Tart, Postre Chaja, Tiramisu, Lovington and a variety of gluten free products. elbio’s extensive range is supplied to more than 300 cafés and specialty cake shops across Adelaide and Melbourne.

From his humble beginnings at Emporium Cakes in 1976, founder and director of elbio, Elbio Luis Perez, has built an impressive reputation in the baking industry through the consistent quality of his products, years of knowledge and hands-on experience. Together with his partner and co-founder Alicia De Palma, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry (20 of those served at the popular Argentine restaurant, Gauchos), they have established a brand that is valued in the community, throughout the state and across the country.

Elbio's unique and traditional recipes embrace his Latin American heritage together with his love for Australian desserts. Passionate about providing a personal touch, each product is carefully crafted using only quality raw ingredients.  All elbio products are baked in the HACCP accredited manufacturing plant located in Magill, Adelaide.

The key point of difference of elbio’s products is they are all designed to be frozen. Each recipe has been vigorously tested to endure freezing temperatures so customers and consumers can enjoy constant fresh produce. Each product is prepared, baked and frozen fresh. This is particularly useful for wholesale customers as it prevents storing produce in a display fridge for days on end resulting in stale and unsavoury products for their consumers. It also reduces their product waste costs.


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